From the age of 18 her quest took her to Israel, where she had a pull in her heart to visit the Sea Of Galilee where Jesus walked. Because Kalindi was born into the Jewish religion, the pull to connect to Jesus was quite surprising to her.

Upon returning to the US, Kalindi met her first Spiritual Master, Srila Prabhupada, who introduced her to the path of bhakti yoga, which means love and devotion to God. After years of austerity, love and joy, Kalindi met David Swanson. They had a very strong companionship (mostly of a spiritual nature) for ten years when Lord Gourasana made His presence known to them.

David and Kalindi, along with a core group of six others recognized Him as Father Almighty – A Modern Day incarnation of God. Thus this Core: The Lady, Jim, Hana, Marie, Candy and Maha, began their transformations. Today, because of David surrendering, Lord Gourasana coming to this world, Kalindi becoming the voice of God and Master Of the World and with the Core’s never-ending support, the mission is going throughout the world.

a modern day incarnation of God
July 30,1994

From the very begining, I told you [Kalindi], that you were the voice of the God. When some one touches you, Kalindi, they move closer to God just by your touch, when they look in your eyes, they move closer to God just by being able to look in your eyes.

And of course when you speak, every time they listen to you speak, they move closer to God.

And moving closer to God means filled with more love, more awareness, more knowledge, more understanding about this material world.